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Enhancing User Experience With Adaptive Route Control

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Seamless connectivity has been elusive

ARC Hotspot

ARC Hotspot increases broadband service reliability for homes and businesses without the need for additional hardware or device reconfiguration.

And it's still a problem in 2022

It's been 15 years since the first smartphones were introduced with two wireless radios. However, we still find ourselves manually troubleshooting our phones for a better connection. We even rely on manual troubleshooting in the event of an outage on our home or business Wi-Fi networks. Attempts to solve these issues have failed to provide a better user experience. Until now.


But, we've solved the disappointment from previous solutions

We've learned from prior attempts, including standard-based and link aggregation solutions, and found a way to overcome all of their obstacles—both in mobile and fixed broadband scenarios. Our Adaptive Route Control (ARC) product line provides automatic solutions that improve customer experience and give operators more control.

  • ARC Hotspot

    Does not require additional hardware or device reconfiguration

  • Can be enabled through a simple firmware update to OEM's devices

  • ARC Mobile

    Does not require a change to the smartphone hardware operating system or mobile core

  • Works on 4G, 5G and any G

ARC Mobile

ARC Mobile seamlessly routes traffic, which reduces costs for operators and frees users from poor customer experiences.

ARC works on other networks too

ARC not only works on smartphones, but also on home broadband gateways. It can automatically switch your home broadband gateway to use your smartphone as a hotspot when your cable or telco broadband is down, creating higher reliability for people working from home.

Test Case

Test Cases

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We've been running trials, and here's what our partner operators have to say...

"With ARC, I do not remember having to pause and wait while my phone transitions from Wi-FI to LTE, or back again." 

"When I'm on a Zoom call and transition from Wi-Fi to cellular, I don't have a 20-second disruption in the call, which occurs when I'm not running ARC."

"It helps the mobile phone navigate Wi-Fi and LTE connections more smoothly than it currently does."

"The testing to simulate an outage went very well. The solution worked beyond well, and we were able to meet our testing objectives."



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