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FAQs About ARC Hotspot

Automated network routing for seamless connectivity. 
Why should broadband service providers implement ARC Hotspot?

ARC Hotspot increases the reliability of broadband services for homes and businesses by automating the switch from wired access to cellular hotspot—and back again. It offers continuous service for devices connected to the home or business Wi-Fi network. It's a cost-effective solution that improves customer experience. 

Does ARC Hotspot require additional hardware?

No, ARC Hotspot leverages existing smartphones on the customer’s premises as backup connections. This requires no additional hardware cost for an extra mobile radio connected to the home gateway.

How do broadband service providers integrate ARC Hotspot into their network?

The ARC Hotspot agent can be added to the original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM’s) legacy and/or new devices and enabled through a simple firmware update. Integrating the ARC Hotspot mobile app’s software development kit (SDK) within the operator’s customer care app ensures a streamlined experience for the user. 

What do end users need to do when Wi-Fi or wired connectivity is down?

With ARC Hotspot, end users will not experience downtime. Software on a broadband gateway detects when the wired network is down. ARC Hotspot then automatically shifts traffic to the cellular hotspot until the wired network is working again. This seamless transition improves customer satisfaction and eliminates downtime and manual troubleshooting.

Does ARC Hotspot support just failover?

Kyrio provides software for gateways and mobile devices to manage the use of the cellular hotspot as a failover option for the fixed broadband connection. It can be extended to also support aggregation, smart queuing and other routing features.

Boost Network Reliability with Automated Failover

See how modern, intelligent routing improves the customer experience.

Customer Reactions from Trials

We've been running trials, and here's what our partner operators have to say...

"I noticed ARC enables the device to switchover to LTE sooner when it is enabled on this latest version. This is a major benefit and could combat issues experienced with fringe connections."

iOS Tester

"I do not remember having to pause and wait while my phone transitions from Wi-fi to LTE, or back again. Or even turning my wi-fi off anymore in some cases."
Android Tester
"When I'm on a Zoom call and transition from Wi-Fi to cellular, I don't have 20 second disruption in the call (which occurs when I'm not running ARC.)"
Android Tester


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