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ARC Hotspot

Automated Failover 
for Continuous Connectivity

Broadband disruptions result in costly downtime leading to customer frustration and productivity delays. Most backup redundancy solutions are expensive and complex, and they may be limited in scope.


ARC Hotspot Solutions

ARC Hotspot solves these problems for your business and residential internet customers by:

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Automatically routing traffic to a smartphone hotspot without the need for manual switching or additional hardware. 

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Improving network reliability and empowering broadband service providers to deliver seamless, redundant service that improves customer experiences and lowers costs.

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Deliver Automated Failover for Continuous Connectivity

See how modern, intelligent routing improves the customer experience.

Boost Network Reliability 
With Automated Failover

We provide reliable, trustworthy broadband failover that keeps users connected and eliminates service disruptions. Our software solution detects network outages and automatically routes traffic to a cellular hotspot on a paired smartphone for seamless user experiences.

Here’s How It Works

When broadband connectivity is disrupted, ARC Hotspot automatically routes traffic to a paired smartphone hotspot so customers don’t experience delays or downtime. Our solution provides cost-effective broadband failover for businesses, residential needs, and remote work. It works with any modern broadband gateway or Wi-Fi router. 

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Ready to see how ARC Hotspot delivers automated failover for better user experiences?

Who is Kyrio?

Kyrio, a subsidiary of CableLabs, works with network operators and their suppliers around the world to deliver software solutions and testing services that build stronger networks and enable exceptional user experiences.

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