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Introducing ARC Solutions: Adaptive Route Control for Mobile and Broadband Operators

Keep your customers connected.
At home, at work, or on the go.

Cost-Effective Seamless Connectivity Is Here

Say goodbye to expensive, hardware-based network failover solutions and manual troubleshooting.

ARC empowers operators to provide seamless network connectivity and flawless user experiences with near-zero downtime.

With no hardware requirements and easy integration, ARC offers cost-effective solutions for home, business, and mobile.

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Flexible Control

Operators set traffic routing policies by network type.


Easy Integration

100% software solution eliminates hardware costs.

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Session Continuity

Uninterrupted service delivers seamless customer experiences.


Customer Experiences

Reduce manual trouble shooting via automated routing.

Learn How We Help You Eliminate Network Disruptions and Keep Your Customers Happy.

Network Reliability, Simplified.

Automatically Route Traffic to the Highest Quality Network

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Smart Network Routing for Mobile and Broadband Operators

How does it work? Request a demo and see reliable connectivity for smartphones, routers, and broadband gateways in action.

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ARC Hotspot

Seamless Broadband Failover with Smartphone Hotspot

  • Works with any broadband gateway
  • No additional hardware or device configuration
  • Easy software update to the customer gateway or access point

ARC Mobile

Bridge the Gap Between
Wi-Fi and Cellular

  • Flexible operator control with application-based routing policies
  • No change to smartphone hardware operating system or mobile core
  • Works on 4G, 5G and any G
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Customer Reactions from Trials

We've been running trials, and here's what our partner operators have to say...

"I noticed ARC enables the device to switchover to LTE sooner when it is enabled on this latest version. This is a major benefit and could combat issues experienced with fringe connections."

iOS Tester

"I do not remember having to pause and wait while my phone transitions from Wi-Fi to LTE, or back again. Or even turning my Wi-Fi off anymore in some cases."
Android Tester
"When I'm on a Zoom call and transition from Wi-Fi to cellular, I don't have 20 second disruption in the call (which occurs when I'm not running ARC.)"
Android Tester

Who is Kyrio?

Kyrio, a subsidiary of CableLabs,  works with network operators and their suppliers around the world to deliver software solutions and testing services that build stronger networks and enable exceptional user experiences.

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Kyrio’s mission is to create economic and strategic value for network operators and their suppliers.