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Kyrio Low Latency Testing

Stop Lag Issues Before They Impact Your Customers

Still Playing the Speed Game? Don’t Get Left Behind

Low latency has outpaced speed of connection as the standard for excellent customer experiences. From videoconferencing calls to gaming applications, today’s technology requires superior latency performance to eliminate lag and optimize product design. 

Kyrio delivers reliable low latency testing insights that service operators, equipment manufacturers, and others in the Wi-Fi ecosystem can use to diagnose latency problems at every stage of the product lifecycle. 


Full-Life Cycle Low Latency Testing

Outpace the Competition with Wireless and L4S Application Testing Services

Traditional testing models focus on speed and don’t address the root cause of complex wireless latency issues. The result? A poor customer experience and higher cost to serve.

As the industry’s premier wireless testing lab, Kyrio helps you optimize latency performance with a broad range of neutral testing capabilities and an expert team. We base our traffic models on real-world patterns and applications. These insights empower you to accurately diagnose latency issues both before and after product launch, so you can stand out from the competition.


Standardized, Neutral Testing Environment

Controlled and consistent to specific variables like radio frequency and traffic profiles.

The Right Prioritization of Traffic

Differentiated Services Code Points (DSCP) apply multiple WWM Access Labels to prioritize traffic.



Variety of Traffic Models

Capture and predict variations on performance using real-world traffic.

Actionable Insights

Capture latency and its associated KPIs, throughput, airtime fairness, packet loss, and performance under loaded conditions.

Are Your Customers Experiencing Lag Issues?

Exceptional customer experiences demand optimal performance. Our full-lifecycle testing services proactively identify latency issues that emerge both pre- and post-launch, so you can resolve them before they impact customers.

Your Experienced Testing Partner

  • Neutral Testing Lab

    Facilitate comprehensive product testing of multiple, integrated solutions in our independent labs.

  • Experienced Partner

    Our expertise includes PhD researchers and test engineers with decades of experience in the Wi-Fi ecosystem. 


    World-Class Test Equipment

    Optimize latency and get better insights with our world-class test equipment.

Multiple Scenario Testing Strategy

From isolated interface to interoperability testing, we work with you to develop the right plans for your needs.


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