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FAQs About ARC Mobile

Bridge the gap between Wi-Fi and cellular.
How does ARC Mobile reduce costs for operators?

With ARC Mobile, operators can automatically route traffic over the best quality network (either Wi-Fi or 4G/5G). This ensures that operators avoid unintended routing over more expensive network assets, which allows them to stay competitive and maintain operational efficiencies. 

How will this affect user experience?

End users will no longer be responsible for manually troubleshooting and switching to a better-quality connection. ARC Mobile ​intelligently routes traffic over the highest quality network. Traffic is seamlessly shifted to 4G/5G when Wi-Fi is poor, and back to Wi-Fi when it is good. This approach provides session continuity to real-time applications like video calling.

How does ARC Mobile identify the best-performing network?

ARC Mobile uses network-probing algorithms and a crowd-sourced approach to find the best network at all times based on traffic measurements. ARC Mobile decides whether, how and when to switch traffic to a different available network using customizable routing policies. 

Can operators set up custom application traffic profiles?

Yes, operators can set ARC Mobile traffic routing policies for each application type’s traffic. This is done by applying classification algorithms to categorize application traffic without requiring deep packet inspection. 

What is the primary client component for ARC Mobile?

ARC Mobile leverages a client-server architecture where an application is installed on the mobile device and the server is hosted anywhere that is convenient for the operator. Lightweight server components can be hosted in the operator data center, on premises or third-party cloud. ARC Mobile was built to work in any of these environments. Plus, it is designed for efficiency (battery consumption and data overhead), scalability and security.

Seamless Connections With Flexible Operator Control

ARC Mobile guarantees that your customers are always connected via the best network without any service interruptions.

Customer Reactions from Trials

We've been running trials, and here's what our partner operators have to say...

"I noticed ARC enables the device to switchover to LTE sooner when it is enabled on this latest version. This is a major benefit and could combat issues experienced with fringe connections."

iOS Tester

"I do not remember having to pause and wait while my phone transitions from Wi-fi to LTE, or back again. Or even turning my wi-fi off anymore in some cases."
Android Tester
"When I'm on a Zoom call and transition from Wi-Fi to cellular, I don't have 20 second disruption in the call (which occurs when I'm not running ARC.)"
Android Tester


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